ADHD Coach for College Students

Supportive ADHD Coach for College Students

coaching for college students1We provide a supportive ADHD coach for college students because attending college can be an overwhelming experience both academically as well as socially. Those with ADD or ADHD can feel isolated, overwhelmed, and like they don’t fit in.

Coaching for college students with ADD or ADHD can help the student learn skills needed for the successful transition to college, or to deal with issues that have already arisen in college.

Our ADD coach and ADHD coach for college students program helps students get more focused, more organized, and enables them to prioritize their school work, better manage social situations and relationships.

We can help you manage or create an Academic Improvement plan which can focus on any one or more of these issues:
• Time Management
• Procrastination
• Perfectionism
• Adjustment Issues
• Health Consultation/Evaluation
• Tutoring
• Student Life Planning Writing
• Study Skills (e.g., reading, note taking)
• Learning Disability Services
• General Counseling
• Academic Motivation/Direction
• Career Direction

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Whether the student had ADHD or not, we also have Coaches For high school students to help high school students develop healthy habits, get focused and organized so they can prepare for college.

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