Coaches For High School Students

Academic Coaches For High School Students

Coaches For High School Students

coaches for high school students

High school students are under a lot of stress to prepare for college and the stakes are high to get into a good college.

High School is different now than it used to be. The standards are higher in many schools and the competition for good schools is a lot more global in nature.  Students have a high number of tasks to accomplish throughout the semester and most are not taught systems to manage and organize this vast amount of information.

As a result, many can have difficulty navigating deadlines for papers, quizzes, exams and projects. It is for this reason, our coaches for high school students program was developed. We have created services and tools for high school students to help them manage their work, and adjust to the academic, social and emotional requirements of school.

Coaches For High School Students

What Our 8-Week Skills Building Program Will Do For Your Student

Every student’s needs are different-but here are some of the things student will learn and practice:

Better Organization

Examples include finding/purchasing a filing cabinet, manila folders, as well as green hanging file folders.  Create categories for the hanging file folders for each school class using the plastic tabs and white inserts, then label manila folders with a marker to indicate the contents.

We will create systems for organizing, items, supplies, clothing, data, assignments, readings, papers, work.

Learn systems for taking better notes.


Better Planning

How to do long-term planning to plan the week, month, semester, career

How to create a daily and weekly study plan and do a systematic review of projects and prioritize them for the upcoming week.


Better Time Managment

An example includes purchasing tools for organizing such as a Calendar/Scheduling tools and/or a Weekly Planner. We review the best practices and methods for establishing a scheduling system.

How to prioritize work/projects to avoid conflicts.

How to reduce distractions when studying.

How to reduce screen time, social sites and online distractions


Better Self Efficacy

Students learn the importance of, and skills for asking for help when needed, asking the right questions to get the information they need to meet school requirements, be more independent and be better advocates for themselves. This might be learning what resources are available at the college, how to find out about what prerequisites or classes to take in certain majors, the job outlook for certain majors when they graduate, or how to get the internship at the top of their list.


Better Self Care For Students

How to take care of their health to maximize learning and concentration

They learn:

Good nutrition habits

Good sleep hygiene.

How to maintain focus while studying for long periods of time.

How to manage feelings of depression, anxiety and fears


Better Ability To Handle Social Situations

How to manage quietness and shyness.

How to listen better to others.

How to be yourself and fit in.

How to manage ADD or ADHD.

How to anticipate and manage stressful situations and people.

How to balance socializing, partying with friends, and the demands of school.

How to project self-confidence.

Give Your Student Skills For Life

The skills we teach in this program will give your student tools they can use for the rest of their life, and most parents we work with have said this was the best investment in their child’s future they could make.

Choose your Plan

You can choose from the list of coaching areas based on your child’s personality and needs. We customize our coaching programs to help you prioritize based on the areas you’d like to see improvement and your budget.

We can create 4, 8, and 12-week Coaching programs.

If you would like to speak with us about your son or daughter, and find out if coaching is right for them, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We have several day, evening and weekend online appointments for your convenience.


“Dear Wayne: Bob and I are so grateful for the coaching and support you gave Keira in your program. We knew you’d be good based on the positive experience with my nephew, but you really connected with Keira and tailored the program to her needs and personality. She now feels so much more confident she can tackle the upcoming transition to college with the tools and strategies she learned which is a big relief for us. As you know we had our concerns given her inconsistent study habits. Thanks again for the work you do. You really do have a gift!”

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