How Coaching Works:The ADD ADHD Coaching Process

How ADD Coaching Works: What We Do In The ADD/ADHD Coaching Process

Our coaching sessions together focus on increasing Understanding, Acceptance, and Mastery of skill areas and modifying behaviors for people with ADD/ADHD or those with Executive functioning challenges.

Our ADHD/ADD coaching process educates and empowers individuals with ADHD and ADD by helping you learn more about yourself; how to work with your unique strengths and challenges. We help you to plan more, manage time better, and get more organized and structured so you can more consistently focus your attention and take action.

In our typical coaching program, we help you identify and build on your unique strengths and help you manage challenges by creating a plan that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. Some areas of focus for our coaching sessions together may include:

Understanding The Unique Challenges You Face

We often begin with several assessment sessions so we can learn more about your unique style and get an overview of your life circumstances. We will explore your strengths and challenges in relation to the typical ADD/ADHD symptoms and behaviors. We look at your everyday circumstances, and manifestation of ADD or ADHD in your life and what you like to change. Then we help you to create a roadmap of where you are now in relationship to your ADD/ADHD symptoms, relationships, career, school,  life and work, and then outline a vision, and plan to fulfill your potential, realize the vision, and achieve your goals.


Understanding the Coaching Relationship

We discuss the professional coach/client relationship, focusing on expectations and roles.



ADHD/ADD is not always an accurate diagnosis. Some people who think they have ADD or ADHD may not, or they may have something else going on, even though the symptoms are similar. We explore tools and resources that can help put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Identify Positive and Negative Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions

Through the ADD/ADHD Coaching process we will help you:

  • Discover and understand your unique talents, strengths, and values
  • Explore any unwanted outcomes, behaviors and habits
  • Learn how ADD/ADHD thoughts and feelings affect behavior
  • Create a new paradigm for happiness and success
  • Work towards better self-acceptance


Creation and Prioritization of a Roadmap

This step involves prioritizing the areas of focus for intervention and creating a plan with goals and timelines to better manage troublesome areas. We help you to focus on the importance of recognizing priorities


Applying Knowledge to Real Life: Putting theory to Practice

Clients begin to learn how to use their strengths, new tools and techniques in real-life situations


Honing Skills and Expanding of Areas of Strength

Using actual examples from their everyday life, clients learn how to create new habits and use techniques that address time management, procrastination, memory issues, impulsivity and disorganization.


Managing Friends, Work, and Family

We focus on skills for healthy relationships with other people, events and situations.


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Summary: How Coaching Works the ADD and ADHD coaching process.

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