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People with ADD or ADHD don't always just need medication or therapy. If you think you have ADD or ADHD you understand that you probably need to change your habits, organization, and systems for managing time. Most people with ADHD can really see a change in their performance with some skills training, and real tools they can use every day to manage their ADHD. Our mission and passion is to teach people the skills they need to live a life they can feel good about by providing the support, structure, and tools necessary for your success and happiness at work, school and at home. Our unique, evidenced-based coaching program, combines the best practice from coaching as well as cognitive and insight-oriented therapeutic interventions. Whatever challenges you are facing, you can overcome them. If you have ADHD or just think you might have some symptoms, lets talk about how we can help you get more organized, improve your relationships, manage time, school, career or work challenges.

ADD and ADHD Coaching

Is an ADHD Coach Right For You?

Have great ideas but never do anything with them?
Start work on something, only to get sidetracked by something else?
"Obsess" about details and never reach perfection?
Often procrastinate on a final task that may finish projects you started?
Have the concept down but just can't pull together the details?
If so, our ADHD Coaching program is for you.

Call or text us to learn more about how we can help at 781-956-9999.

Relationship Coaching

Are you are struggling in a relationship, having trouble communicating
or understanding your partner's needs? Want to meet the right person
but are too shy, introverted, self-conscious, or socially anxious?
Relationship coaching can be very effective in helping you live the life you want with the right person.
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Life Coaching

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, bored, stressed out, or want
to improve family or personal issues, our life coaching services can help
you get through difficult times and lead a more fulfilling life.
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Corporate Coaching

Having challenges at work due to lack of organization or systems?
Need to "up your game" due to a pending or desired promotion?
Having issues with supervisors, supervisees or others at work?
Not getting things done on time?
If any of these sound familiar our Corporate coaching can help.
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College Student Coaching

Attending college can be an overwhelming experience both academically as well as socially.
Those with ADD or ADHD can feel isolated, overwhelmed, and like they don't fit in.

Coaching for college students with ADD or ADHD can help the student learn skills
needed for the successful transition to college, or to deal with issues that have already
arisen in college.
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Add Coach Brookline ADHD coaches helping you learn skills, build on your strengths, gain self-confidence and better manage your ADHD

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