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Boomerang for Gmail

One of the most common issues my coaching clients want help with- is managing their email better. My coaching clients describe problems with forgetting to send emails, not following up on emails they sent, not prioritizing emails well and not tracking their correspondence.

The good news is that the latest in email technology can help with all of these issues.

You can schedule emails to send at any time and track responses to follow up with Boomerang for Gmail. For those of you who Have Microsoft Outlook as their mail client, Baydin, the company who makes this software has a similar product for Microsoft Outlook listed at the end of this article. Here are the features listed below for the Boomerang for Gmail product. There is a mobile version of this software, but only for Android, however, they are working on an iOS mobile app.

Write Email Now, Send It Later

Boomerang allows you to write an email now, archive your message, and have it be scheduled to be sent in the future by clicking the Send Later button.

Response Tracking

The Response Tracking feature reminds you to follow up on messages if you don’t get a response by a certain time.

Click Tracking

Boomerang can track which links have been clicked in your email.
You can select to be reminded if nobody has clicked the links in your email.


Email Prioritization

Use Boomerang to remove messages from your inbox until you actually want to deal with them. Just click the Boomerang button when you have an email open, and choose when you want to see it again.


Read Receipt with Reminder

Boomerang has a read receipt feature which sends an email to you when a message has been read if you want to know. You can select to be reminded if nobody has read your email as well. In other words, if the person you are emailing doesn’t reply within a predetermined number of days, Boomerang will send the email back to you for follow up.


CRM Integration

Boomerang integrates with any CRM system that provides a way to integrate with a bcc address such as Salesforce, Insightly, SugarCRM, Zoho, Highrise, Pipedrive, Capsule, and many more.


Boomerang Pricing

There is a free version of this product and the paid subscriptions start at $4.99 on up to $49.99 for more features. Go to this page for more information on pricing and features:


Alternatives For Sending Email Later

The Sndlatr extension in the Chrome Store is currently free and has no limitations on the amount of emails you can send at a later date, and has email reminders. See it here:


Other tools for email:
Boomerang for Outlook for will allow you to delay the message sending as well, however, the sent time will show as the time you sent the message to the Outbox, not the time Outlook actually sent the message. Check out the features here:

What are you using?

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Software For Managing Email Effectively

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