Relationship Coach for ADD and ADHD

Are Relationships Difficult? Get a Relationship Coach for ADD and ADHD

relationship coachingHaving healthy relationships is a necessary part of a fulfilling life. Almost everything we do relies on our ability to connect with and interact with others. Whether it be our work, school, or career, we need to learn the skills needed to communicate and connect with people to form positive relationships.

For people with ADD or ADHD, managing relationships can sometimes be difficult. No one is born with the knowledge to have good relationships. To have great relationships, we need to learn the healthy, positive skills, and change unhealthy communication and relationship patterns.

A Relationship coach for ADD and ADHD can help you to develop the ability to be:

  • Open in relationships
  • Honest in relationships
  • Vulnerable in relationships
  • Be more in tune with your partner
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively
  • Be yourself and still be connected to others

Coaching is helpful because not everyone has had a safe place in which to learn how to be honest and vulnerable.

Coaching enables people to take a look at how to prevent and/or manage challenging relationships, or learn how to take risks, but still protect ourselves.

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