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Life Coach for ADHD ADD

A life coach for ADHD can help people with ADD or ADHD in many areas of their life.

Life coaching supports you in discovering and creating what you want most in your life. Unlike therapy, it is very present and future-oriented, and focuses on strengths, not deficits.

The Coaching Process

Through the coaching process we work together to identify what is working in your life, and then build on your core skills and strengths to better manage challenging areas of your life. A Life Coach will help you to prioritize areas of your life and be more strategic and focused on what it is you want to achieve. We progressively build on your successes in the coaching process.

Gain New Perspectives

Life coaching helps you to look at situations and your life from new perspectives. This often results in new beliefs and a more constructive attitude.

Achieve Acceptance

A life coach for people with ADD or ADHD can help you to accept and even celebrate who you are, even the parts of you perceived as weaknesses.

Understand and Work Toward What You Want

Working with a Life Coach, you will explore and begin to create what you truly want in your life, and design a plan to achieve that. If you do know what you want, you will begin to consider new choices and possibly create new habits. A Life Coach helps you to build a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

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