Corporate Coaching

Effective Corporate Coaching

corporate coaching

Coaching does really work in the corporate environment as can be seen in a recent study in the Journal of Public Personnel Management found that training improved managerial productivity 22.4% while training plus coaching improved productivity 88%. Other studies report productivity increases over 50%. In addition, other research indicates an ROI of 5 to 7 times the initial investment.

Benefits of Coaching for the Individual

The benefits to corporate executives who received coaching included better:

  • Working relationships with peers
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors
  • Working relationships with clients
  • Working relationships with direct reports
  • Satisfaction with job
  • Teamwork

Benefits of Coaching for the Company

The benefits to the companies who have coaches work with their personnel include:

  • Reductions in cost
  • Improved strength of the organization
  • Bottom-line profitability
  • Executive retention for those who received coaching
  • Increased Productivity

Good communication is essential to the employee’s success and satisfaction in their work and the company’s growth.

Corporate Coaching for ADHD

If you are a supervisor with ADD or ADHD then coaching can be very helpful to you and will enable you improve the quality of your relationships with supervises. Call us to learn more about coaching at 781-325-8186.

If you are a supervisee and would like to learn more about how to communicate better with your boss and/or peers, then call us at 781-325-8186.

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