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ADD Coach Wayne Kessler

ADD Coach Wayne Kessler

Coaching is my passion and something I have learned that I am really good at. It gives me great satisfaction to help adults and college students who are diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD. And there are those who might not have been diagnosed but believe they suffer from a lack of ability to focus consistently to accomplish important goals in their life. Coaching can help you to gain more in control and begin to feel better about yourself and ultimately fulfill your potential.

My experience as an ADHD Coach has taught me that people with ADD or ADHD  feel like people do not understand the challenges they face, and often misinterpret things they say or do. Although life in this society is very fast paced and most people experience some of these symptoms below, those with ADHD are affected at a degree more than others in certain areas of their life. They may struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Feel impatient in many situations
  • Make impulsive decisions
  • Feel they have no system for organizing and/or have trouble finding things they need
  • Have trouble being on time and/or meeting deadlines
  • Procrastinate and chronically fail to complete things they are doing
  • Get angry or frustrated easily
  • Get distracted easily
  • Feel that they could do a lot more if they could just “get it together”
  • Feel powerless due to piles of stuff they’ve collected
  • Feel they let others down and as a result have low self-esteem

Just to reiterate, having some or all of these symptoms does not mean you have ADD or ADHD, but if there is significant impairment in at least two major settings of your life, then you know it is time to get help.

What Does An ADHD Coach Do?

ADHD Coaches Help In The Following Ways:

  1. We help you identify your strengths (of which there are usually more than you realize)
  2. We help you identify your unique challenges and learn new ways to deal with them
  3. We help you understand how life will be like without the struggles
  4. We begin to work on self-esteem by getting short-term wins that boost your confidence
  5. We teach you skills that help build on your strengths
  6. We are your accountability partner to ensure that you practice the skills taught
  7. We work with you make adjustments to the skills or tools you try as needed
  8. We reinforce, reward and celebrate your accomplishments


We help you prioritize

Together, we develop strategies that build on what you have already done to get organized and on track with timelines that make sense and keep you accountable.

I have seen that people who have ADHD can achieve greatness and happiness in their life, as long as they create systems, structure and custom tailored strategies to manage challenging areas in their life.

In the coaching relationship, I form a partnership with my clients based on trust. Although this is not a counseling relationship because it is very future oriented-I use many of my counseling skills to help my clients feel better about themselves, and learn how to manage problematic behaviors. I genuinely care about my clients and my goal with them is to give them the tools needed to fulfill their potential in life, be happy, and to view new challenges with confidence, persistence and increased focus.

As an ADD and ADHD Coach, I provide in person coaching, phone coaching, and virtual coaching via computer programs like Zoom, Skype, VSEE, or Google Hangout.


Research On The Effectiveness Of Coaching

Many studies and research on coaching show the potential of coaching to improve lives and many successful people and businesses invest in coaching as a result because it simply works.

For example, an International Coach Federation survey conducted in 2016, reported that of those surveyed:

80% of those who were coached noted an improvement in their self-confidence

99% of companies who hired a coach reported being satisfied and a similar number said they would use coaching again.

73% noticed an increase in communication

72% saw an increase/development in their relationships

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